'The current crisis is a powerful opportunity for true conversion!'

Johannes Hartl, Director of the Augsburg House of Prayer [Gebetshaus Augsburg] is convinced that what we need now is “a true proclamation of the faith with public courage and a solid loyalty to the Gospel”. Interview with kath.net by Petra Lorleberg
Augsburg (kath.net/pl) “The national church is dying out. If the leader...[mehr]

English 17 Januar 2014, 08:45
Monsignor Ratzinger Celebrates 90th Birthday with Pope Emeritus

Monsignor Georg Ratzinger celebrated his 90th birthday Jan. 15 with his younger brother, Benedict XVI, at the pope emeritus’ “Mater Ecclesiae” residence in the Vatican. By Edward Pentin
English 11 März 2013, 06:00
‘We are absolutely overwhelmed and are seeing the hand of God’

The prayer-initiative “Adopt a cardinal” is stirring a spark and invites to pray for the conclave and for the personally “adopted” cardinal. KATH.NET-interview with Julia Kleinheinz. By Petra Lorleberg
English 31 Januar 2013, 18:30
Do the Swiss Bishops Support Abortion?

Some Thoughts on the Controversy between Them and the Initiative “Funding Abortion Is a Private Matter”. By Josef Seifert
English 15 Juni 2012, 17:03
‘What our world needs more than fashion models are role models’

Leah Darrow knows the dark side of the glamorous world of modeling and reality-TV. In an Interview with KATH.NET she talks about her conversion and why she criticizes our current culture. By Johannes Graf.
English 10 Juni 2012, 20:30
Pray not only for, but also with, the Holy Father...

This initiative originated among German Catholics in Rome, and is not something sponsored by Pope Benedict himself.
English 13 April 2012, 10:00
The power of forgiveness is definitely the most important message

“Every human life, created in the divine image, is unique and should be fought for”, says Rachel Hendrix, leading actress of “October Baby” in an interview with KATH.NET. By Johannes Graf
English 19 März 2012, 12:00
Electro-pop Band: 'We are Catholic…'

Young music and enthusiasm for the Pope are no contradiction: British-Philippine Band “Ooberfuse” performed in World Youth Day Madrid 2011 at an audience of millions. KATH.NET interviewed musicians of the band. By Petra Lorleberg
The Cry of the Unborn

Culture of Life or Death? - “The biggest destroyer of peace:The cry of the unborn” (Bl. Mother Teresa). By Fr. Bernhard Speringer, ORC [mehr]
Diary of an Unborn Baby

Many young pregnant women decided to keep their babies after reading this fictional diary.
US-archbishop Dolan: 'But I sure need your prayers'

Timothy Dolan is named cardinal. He wrote: this is a summons to the “unworthy archbishop to serve Jesus, His Church universal, His vicar on earth, and His people better”
Medjugorje visit cured boy from 19 tumors
1 Lesermeinung

When nothing worked, his parents took their son to Medjugorje. Back home, tests showed 19 tumors and all bone metastases to be gone as the beginning of Joshua’s now complete recovery. By Jakob Marschner / Medjugorje Today
The Manger and the Cross - Calvary Begins in Bethlehem

Advent Reflection: All the events surrounding His birth reveal to us how closely life and death, Christmas and Easter, Bethlehem and Golgotha, Manger and Cross are bound together. Indeed, Calvary begins in Bethlehem. By Fr. Bernhard Speringer ORC [mehr]
Archbishop Dolan: Love for Jesus and His Church

The presidential address of the November General Assembly of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
What is Catholic Obedience?

Thoughts on 300 Austrian Priests’ “Call to Disobedience”. By Mark Miravalle
Peter and Judas

Of Trust in the Mercy and Forgiveness of God. By Fr. Bernhard Speringer and Jennifer Hartline


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