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Pro-life woman Bissonnette: "I was very shocked by the incident"
Marie-Claire Bissonnette in kath.net interview: "Millions have seen the video and are hopefully realizing that the pro-life position is at least deserving of respect; that there is a 'too far' for the Left." By Petra Lorleberg

Toronto(kath.net) The Canadian pro-life woman Marie-Claire Bissonnette was physically attacked. A man roundhouse kicked her at „Life Chain“, an annual event in Toronto which consists of thousands of pro-life-activists, the video of this incident has gone viral.

kath.net: Marie-Claire, are you shocked by the incident? Were you hurt?

Marie-Claire Bissonnette:
Yes, I was very shocked by the incident. You can see in the video that Jordan Hunt takes a few seconds to position himself to kick. I had no idea it was coming. I wasn't surprised, though, at the violent reaction. Kicking is on the extreme end, but pro-lifers are often verbally and physically abused.


I wasn't in pain at the time of the incident, as adrenaline kept me going. I did feel slight pain several hours after the incident. Though, I'm lucky that he wasn't a bigger man, because it would have hurt a lot more.

kath.net: What happened to you exactly?

I was put in charge of a street corner for Life Chain, a peaceful, silent protest with no graphic images. Hunt came up and began scribbling on our signs, so I warned participants to shield them. He then began to scribble on the backs of five people, including a ten year old girl. I took out my phone and began recording him. You see what then takes place in the video. He kicked my shoulder and my phone went flying out of my hand. I began to yell for someone to call the police and I told him not to touch me. A fellow participant got the police on the line. Hunt ran away, but before doing so, he approached me again and ripped a ribbon indicating I was the leader off my chest.

kath.net: Are police investigating?

The police have been investigating. Hunt turned himself in. He's been bailed out, but with strict conditions. He will be charged for nine accounts of assault and seven accounts of mischief.

kath.net: What reactions did you get – both from pro-lifers and pro-choicers?

I received an overwhelming amount of support from pro-lifers across the world; a lot of prayers and words of encouragement. Someone even sent me chocolates today! I also received a few very nasty messages. One in particular was a hate note about my late grandfather who was also a pro-life activist. It made me very upset, but I pray for the man who sent it because he's obviously very disturbed.

kath.net: Are you now timid, or will you go on with your pro-life-statements?

I think it's more important to go on now more than ever. Millions have seen the video and are hopefully realizing that the pro-life position is at least deserving of respect; that there is a "too far" for the Left. If the message that babies are dying is true and I give up spreading it because I got a little kick to the shoulder, shame on me. I won't always have a full time job in the pro-life movement, but I hope I'll always be vocal about it. And so should everyone else.

kath.net: Why are you pro-life?

I'm pro-life because every human being should be protected and valued from the moment of their conception. Every human is a beloved son or daughter of Christ the King FIRST, and then a gift to human parents, second; not a burden or a choice. Every human soul has the potential to become a saint to give God glory in this world and the next. You don't interfere with that, you defend it.

I'm pro-life because abortion creates mothers and fathers of dead children. And having your child die before you is one of the most heartbreaking experiences of mankind. But people are so entangled in fear and the lies that they don't even realize what they're doing, or they don't care. And when the gravity of abortion hits them, it causes them incredible amounts of pain and may even cause despair. This is tragic.

I'm pro-life because every woman is strong enough to be a mother, no matter what her circumstances. Sometimes the strongest and most loving mothers are the ones that chose the best for their children and place them with an adoptive family.

I'm pro-life because the family is the cell of society, and we need good, loving and supportive families to build a safe and flourishing society. Children are not the enemy, they're the solution. I could go on, but I think I'll stop there.

kath.net: Pope Francis compared abortion to hiring a hitman. What do you think about this?

I think it's comparable, despite it seeming a little insensitive to say. It's essentially what abortion is. Motivations and levels of culpability may be different, but you (or the government) are paying someone to kill another person.

Pro-life woman Marie-Claire Bissonnette

Roundhouse kick by pro-choice activist

Foto(c) Marie-Claire Bissonnette

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