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Electro-pop Band: 'We are Catholic…'
Young music and enthusiasm for the Pope are no contradiction: British-Philippine Band “Ooberfuse” performed in World Youth Day Madrid 2011 at an audience of millions. KATH.NET interviewed musicians of the band. By Petra Lorleberg

London (kath.net/pl) “We are Catholic so our faith naturally manifests in our music and lyrics.” This said the lead vocalist Cherrie Anderson and the vocalist and lead musician Hal St John of the upcoming British-Philippine electro-pop Band “Ooberfuse”. The messages of Pope Benedict XVI “are inspirational and have influenced our music and our lyrics” and his voice has “a very gentle quality” which “speaks of his great holiness”.

kath.net: Cherrie, what was Ooberfuse´s most exiting performance so far?


The most awesome moment in terms of excitement and pre-stage nerves was our performance of “Faith in You” in front of 2 million pilgrims from around the world gathered in Ciebeles Square in Madrid in August 2011. The security was so tight as it was the time of Pope Benedict’s arrival to welcome pilgrims on the first day of World Youth Day. The most exciting performance since then was our recent performance in Trafalgar Square to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the assassination of Pakistan’s Minister for Minorities’ Shahbaz Bhatti.

kath.net: You are a Catholic band. You sing of Jesus, of forgiveness. In one song you cite Pope Benedict and in another song the modern martyr. Why?

We are an electro-pop band so we utilize the very latest technology when we write music. Sampling the actual voices of Pope Benedict and Shahbaz Bhatti gave the tracks an added dimension.

We are Catholic so our faith naturally manifests in our music and lyrics.

In the case of the Shahbaz Bhatti song “Blood Cries Out” it was extremely challenging to juxtapose feelings of outrage at his cold-blooded assassination with those of Christian forgiveness. Jesus message confronts our natural instincts and raises them up to higher levels. Instead of seeking revenge for the outrage which would only perpetuate the cycle of violence we pray for forgiveness. In this sense “Blood Cries Out” can be taken as a musical reflection on Hebrewes 12:24 which says ‘the sprinkled blood of Jesus speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel.’

kath.net: Pope Benedict XVI – is he someone special to you?

Yes definitely! His messages are inspirational and have influenced our music and our lyrics. We hope that through our music his message will reach out to an audience which traditionally wouldn’t necessarily listen to what he has to say. He has a very gentle quality to his voice which speaks of his great holiness.

kath.net: Catholics are used to be international. Are your group and your music international?

Ooberfuse try to bring together eastern and western musical traditions in a crazy fusion…some might say confusion! In doing so we appeal to a universal audience because we can’t be tied down so easily. As a consequence we challenge many of the conventions that traditionally have defined the pop industry.

Many people think we are crazy for not keeping our faith out of our music but to do so just to pander to convention would be profoundly dishonest and lead to inauthenticity.

The interview with Ooberfuse in German

kathTube-Tipp: ´Blood Cries Out´ by ´Ooberfuse´. In memory of the murdered Pakistan Catholic and Minister Shahbaz Bhatti

Ooberfuse: ´Heart´s Cry´

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